Who Let The Ghosts Out?

I do this project with my Young Fives class, but it can be adapted to older grades.

1. Tear a piece of 12" X 18" green construction paper down the middle to make the grass and glue it to your choice of sky color (also 12" X 18").

2. Add pumpkins. We used scraps sparkly paper made from tissue squares glued to paper using Mod-Podge mixed with glitter. You could use any type of cool orange-y paper. Stems were just yarn scraps.

3. Make a sparkly moon from some cool paper. We used some textured iridescent origami paper, but I have also had them use Funky Film scraps.

4. The ghosts are stamped on using sponges I made myself from compressed sponges (seen below). Cut out the ghost shapes and use a paper punch to make the eyes before you puff them up! A diagram showing all of the pieces and parts:

5. The leaves can either be stickers or sometimes you can find tiny cloth ones at the craft store. Last year, I was not so lucky!

6. BOO! can be written with a silver Sharpie or metallic marker.
7. For the final touch, add some swirly action lines with glitter.
I usually mount these on fluorescent posterboard or paper in wild Halloween colors. They always get plenty of OOOs!


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