Veteran's Day Banner

I have made these banners with kindergarten to hang in our foyer as a colorful greeting for our Veterans. We begin by making the hearts colored to resemble the American flag. Students gain use in using a ruler (not in measuring) to draw the straight lines on the heart. Markers were used to add color. The heart shapes were cut out and glued to yellow construction paper. The stars were pre-cut using an Ellison machine and given to the students to glue on.

Between classes, I glued the yellow papers on to a 12" X 18" white piece of construction paper and turned down the top 2 inches in the back so that a yarn hanger could be added.

During the second class, students used fancy scissors (Fiskars) to cut red strips of paper and glued them above and below the yellow rectangle. Then, they cut fringe along the bottom edge of a 3" X 12" piece of blue paper and glued it to the very bottom edge of the banner. To finish, a blue and red loop of yarn was added as a hanger and the flap glued down to seal it in to place.
These made a great patriotic display for Veteran's day!


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