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Holiday Stained Glass

For this project, students began by decoupaging squares of tissue (3 colors) on to a 9" X 12" piece of tag board. We used Mod Podge matte glue, since these would be laminated later. Tips: 1. Add a little water to the glue to thin it and make it go further. It won't hurt it and it will save your budget. It also helps make the glue spread easier. 2. Buy inexpensive foam brushes to use with the glue because, inevitibly, one or two will not get cleaned no matter how diligent you are. We use this kind that comes 10 per box for $5.15. 3. Dab a bit of the glue to the paper and place the tissue on the glue. Most of the glue will then be brushed on top of the tissue, ensuring that it lays flat. 4. Overlap tissue pieces to create new colors. 5. Stress that all pieces MUST be flat or the top layer won't lie down the way it is supposed to. Once the background is finished, begin working on the black design. I give the students lots of visual references (cards, poste