Clay Bakery Hearts (Low Relief Quilled Forms)

Some "cookies" ready to go in the oven:

This is a very quick and easy project that I use with my 2nd graders. Forming the clay "cookies" takes one 40 minute class and decorating them takes another 40 minute class. We use Sculpey white clay to form these hearts on plastic placemats and I bake them at home in my oven for 20 minutes at 350 degrees. I actually post the "recipe" for these hearts on the board for the class to follow (notes added in parenthesis for your benefit):

Clay Bakery Hearts Recipe
1. Knead the dough (clay) to soften it
2. Remove part of the dough and flatten the rest to form a "pancake"

3. Cut out the heart shape (you could use a cookie cutter, but we use a cardboard heart template approximately 4 inches in diameter. Also, students use large, blunt tapestry needles to cut the clay)

4. Roll up the edges to form the "crust" (like a pizza)
5. Make the "sticky buns"
~ Roll out a snake
~ Smash the snake so it looks like a flat firehose
~ Roll up the firehose
6. Add the "sticky buns" to the crust (remind students not to smash them in to the crust, but rather to wiggle them in to place)
7. Add the "crumble topping" (students use bits of clay to fill in the empty spots on the crust. They can rollup little balls or something of their own choosing)

8. Place in on your "baking pan" to be baked (I hand out pieces of paper with their names on them)
Bake at home at 250 degrees for approximately 20 minutes. I leave them right on the papers to bake and they are FINE!

Second Class:
Have students write their names on the back of their piece using a permanent marker before they begin painting.

Frosting the cookies: use acrylics in various colors

Sparkles/Sprinkles: Use glitter glue in tubes to add some glitz to the cookies

I hot glue these on to a scrap piece of matboard and hang them in our showcase. They get rave reviews and the kids love making them!

Note: These are very hard to photograph as the glitter messes with the lens. If anyone has any solutions, let me know!

See our entire gallery on Artsonia.


  1. OMG......These are gorgeous! I was Googling showcase ideas for clay owls and this popped up. LOL. But I love them! jan

  2. I'm going to link to this lesson on my regular blog,, if you don't mind. Let me know if you don't approve. I love this lesson.

  3. Sounds good! Glad you like the lesson. I am just finishing these with my classes now. :)


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