Jim Dine Inspired Hearts

I LOVE PAPER! I have a habit of ordering all types of beautifully decorated paper; glittered, pearl, screen-printed, and metallics. So, it was inevitable that I created an art lesson in which to use all of these cool finds. I have donethis lesson with first graders for the past five years, but it is easily adaptable to all grades levels.
I do some prep on this lesson by punching a hole in the end of the paper "flags" and putting them into envelopes and then attaching them to 9" X 12" piece of construction paper with a paper clip. Students then choose which color they would like to paint on.
I have my students make a heart template and trace it on to their paper. Paint colors are chosen, by the students, based upon their "flags". They also outline their hearts in either black or white. Sparkle is added by putting on brushstrokes of glitter paint.
Background frame color is chosen based upon whether they used black or white to outline their hearts. I punch holes in the frame using a Fiskar's 1/8" hole punch, which is the perfect size for the brads to go through.
I have found that Oriental Trading has a value pack of colored brads at a reasonable price.

See our entire gallery of Jim Dine hearts on Artsonia.


  1. Hey- I just found your blog! I love it here! We just started in blog-land. Drop by when you get a chance and check us out...
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the hearts!

  2. My kinderbeaners are doing Jim Dine paintings with chalk dipped in white paint. I'm definitely stealing your frame idea -- so cute! If you'd like to steal some of my ideas, check out my blog: www.artsmarties.tumblr.com

  3. I love this art lesson and I can't wait to try it out with my children. Thanks for sharing and I am excited to have discovered your blog. I can't wait to explore some more!


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