This is a slightly altered project from an Usborne book that I have. I do this one with second grade. We read the book "Roberto The Insect Architect" by Nina Laden which has some fabulous collages in it.
If you look closely at the projects, they are made of three separate sections (or strips) that are then stapled to a piece of railroad board.I give each student a piece of 4 1/2" X 12" white tag to work with for the first strip, 6" X 12" for the second, and the last strip (the skyscrapers) are made on a slightly taller piece (sometimes I even give them the entire 9" X 12" piece).
They are then given a scrap box filled with lots of cool patterned papers (remember, I LOVE paper!). The first strip must have a front yard and a row of houses. The second row must have a street, yard, and row of houses. The last row gets skyscrapers and all the cool metallic papers are brought out. It is fun explaining to my very rural students what a skyscraper is! Some of them have not seen a building more than two stories high.
I have them leave a slight bit of white at the bottom of each strip and when all three strips are finished, they cut around the top edge of the houses. I tell them to cut close, but leave a small amount of white as a border. This is needed so that the subsequent rows will show.Staple all three rows on to a piece of railroad board or poster board, bending each row slightly so that they stand out in a curved arc.
We get lots of compliments on this one!


  1. These look fantastic. Your kiddos are lucky to do such great projects. (found your link via deep space sparkle)


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