Mr & Mrs. Gadget

This project was done with first graders and the most important rule was NO SCISSORS ALLOWED! The students chose a 9" X 12" piece of construction paper and folded it in half. The face shape was ripped from this fold piece of paper and glued on to a contrasting piece of construction paper. The same process was repeated for the nose and mouth. Eyes and ears were ripped from two pieces of paper stacked up and hair was torn and stacked on top of the head. I made it a point to tell the students that they could NOT repeat the colors of paper used in this project, so they turned out very colorful.

During the following class period, students used various "gadgets" dipped in black tempera to add details, such as eyes, nostrils, earrings, bow ties, etc. Some ideas for gadgets: inner plastic rolls from receipt rolls, pieces of wood in various shapes, legos, bottle caps, and wooden thread spools. Actually, anything can be made in to a gadget!

Mounted on colorful paper, these Gadget Heads make a great display. One year, a parent wrote the kids names in a whimsical way and it added so much to the final result.

I remember seeing this project in a magazine years ago, but I cannot remember where. I have adapted it over the years.

See our entire gallery of Gadget Heads on Artsonia.

On display at our annual Arts Festival:


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