Tried and True

Have you ever tried projects from the art supply web pages? Here are a few that I have tried with my students, with notes about the changes/alterations we made.

From the United Art & Education site: Stained Glass Sculpture
I did these with 5th grade.

* These are very fragile sculptures.
* We made our pieces a little bigger than suggested- the smallest frame is 2" X 2" in our sculptures.
* Keeping the pieces separated and not stolen is key here! My students placed them on a piece of paper with their names on it before painting.
* From the project directions: "To remove ripples from cellophane, evenly dampen it with water. It will become taut when dry with a glass-like look."
Yeah, this didn't work. Skip it!

Also from the United Art & Education site: Metallic Clay Leaf Collage
I did these with 4th grade and they were the hit of the art show!

* We used Crayola Air Dry Clay for these instead of Stonex.
* We painted them completely with one color of acrylic before applying the Magic Metallics.
* To make the leaves stand out, we used the Steel & Rapid Rust Magic Metallics on the base shape
* Instead of adding holes for hanging, I glued them to a piece of matboard

From the Dick Blick site: Crazy Quilt Texture Board

* We skipped the gesso step because the canvas panels were already primed.
* We used gouache to paint these.

More supply company lesson plan pages:

I created these tiles during a workshop at the state conference. I'll be doing these with my 5th graders next year. (Photos tomorrow!)

Ok, your turn! Have you tried any lessons from these pages? Do you have any other sites to share?


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