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Wayne Thiebaud Desserts

This third grade project is a favorite and features a shadowboxed design. Students began by learning about Pop Artist Wayne Thiebaud, in particular, his images of desserts. Supplies: Images and information on artist Wayne Thiebaud, pencils, rulers, 9" X 12" white tagboard (2 sheets per student), packets with images of desserts, permanent black markers, scissors, watercolors, Scratch Art 3 D-O's. To introduce the concept of symmetry, we made dishes for our desserts. (Photos to come) 1. Fold in half a piece of 7 1/2" X 5" construction paper. 2. Starting on the fold, draw half of a dish or cake plate, making sure it has a cool pedestal and a foot. 3. Keep the paper folded and cut out the dish. This will be our pattern and will be traced on to our final papers. Next, draw a 1" border around the edge of a 9" X 12" piece of tagboard using a ruler. The lines can criss-cross in the corners. Designs are added to the border. The dish pattern is placed a