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Spring Watercolor Design

This is a quick and easy one day project I did with my kinders. It could easily be adapted to older students. Materials: watercolor paper, black permanent marker, liquid watercolors, salt Encounter: We discussed radial symmetry and then I showed them how they could create a flower by beginning with a center and adding designs in layers around that center. Students added stems, leaves, and flowerpots, if desired. I also suggested that they add bugs to the negative space around their flowers. Next, the students ran their paper under water to wet both sides. Watercolors in bright colors were added in a wash. I had to remind them not to mix the colors too much or they would end up with a brown color. Salt was sprinkled on top to give the paintings more texture. As the paintings dried, the salt soaked up the paint and created a little "star" shape. During the following class, they rubbed the excess salt from their paintings. To see more of these colorful