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This project is adapted from the book, Dynamic Art
Projects by Denise M. Logan.

This was a fun project that was enjoyed by all of my third grade students.

colored card stock or scrapbook paper (12" X 12" for the background & 6" X 6" for the shells), tan or light colored card stock or scrapbook paper (12" X 12") for the sand, chalk pastels, pencils, skinny permanent markers, liquid watercolor watered down in spray bottles (we used magenta, brown, turquoise, pearl, and gray), scissors, glue, 3 DO's, seashells of various sizes and shapes for viewing or photos of shells

1. Have students view various seashells and practice drawing them on scrap paper (we call this a sloppy copy or sketch).
2. Students choose 3 different colored cards upon which to draw their shells. I emphasize that the shells should be as large as possible.
3. The shells are then outlined in thin black marker and chalk is added sparingly. I show them how to add color to the contours of the shells or around the edges to show shadows and interest.
4. Shells are cut out.
5. While they are working on the shells, I pull students out to make their "sand" paper. I set up a station by the sink area where they can lightly spray thier tan piece of paper with the watercolor filled spray bottles.
6. Once the "sand" paper is dry, the students cut it into an organic shape to represent a pile of sand.
*Hint: if the students cut their paper too small, I have them cut a few more organic shapes from the remaining paper which can be used around the edge of thier larger shape.
7. Students choose a colored piece of tag for their background. We used fluorescent colors for a tropical look. Their "sand" paper(s) are glued to the background and names are written on the back of their papers.
8. Shells are arranged and attached using 3 DO's so that they have some depth and stand out from their piece.

Some Awesome Seashell Collages

View the rest of our gallery on Artsonia.


  1. I love that book, it is always on my desk!

  2. These are so sweet; I'm glad you are having the kids draw the shells themselves and not resorting to templates or patterns. Really lovely!


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