And The Countdown Begins!

Only 7 days until the little ones come back to school, so I spent a few days preparing my room. I'm not done yet, but I had to share a few items that I've accomplished so far this week.

It took me all day to create this paint palette and splashes of color on the walls, but it was so worth it! I am thinking it would make a great mural... must remember to mention that to my principal. If this doesn't impress my students at Open House, nothing will!

The framed art above the rail are Fred Babb posters that came from this poster book and framed in these inexpensive, but nice frames from Dick Blick. Awesome!

I made a set of stencils so that I can make signs using the Ewie D font anytime I want. Love it!

Here are the supply shelves all nice and color coordinated. The drawered unit is perfect for sorting smaller sized projects. I love all of the rainbow colored items in this photo!

This year, I made labels that I am *hoping* are more student friendly. I took photos of the supplies inside and then added the lettering using a photo program. These will be taped to the end of the supply boxes so that even the littlest artists can find their supplies. Feel free to save these photos and use them in your room.

And here are the labels in place:

I still have four bulletin boards to create... wish me luck!


  1. Where did you get the Fred Babb book? I have searched everywhere, but it is out of print and if available, it is REALLY expensive.
    I like your palette and splashes - what are they made out of? How do you have them attached to the wall?

  2. I had no idea it was out of print! A few years ago, I ordered 2 books (one to cut apart and one to keep) through an art supply catalog. I'm not sure which one, but I will try to find out when I go back to school. As for the palette and splashes, I just used Fadeless bulletin board rolled paper and taped them up using LOTS of masking tape.

  3. Wow The labels are fantastic - I just wish I had the extra time to keep it all so tidy. I have large 50 litre lidded boxes to store all my students are works in for each class. i also have large magazine boxes for their visual diaries/sketch books in. I will share that idea on my blog

  4. Cheryl,
    Isn't that every art teacher's biggest challenge- keeping everything tidy? I often joke that my room is clean twice a year- the beginning and the end. LOL. No matter how I try, the fact remains that over 500 students pass through that door each week. I look forward to your post- we can all use some new organization tips!

  5. Nice work! I still need to organize my room for the start of the school year, but I'm being a bit lazy!
    FYI, I think the Fred Babb poster book is out of print. I have one as well, but I don't think it's available anymore. Too bad because it's truly an inspiring piece.

  6. I stepped into my classroom, for the first time this summer, today! I spend most of the day UNPACKING SUPPLIES - YIKES! But I am NOT complaining because I know I am very fortunate to have awesome new supplies coming in. Your palette and paint splatters have inspired me! The hallway outside my classroom is bare right now. I will work on that tomorrow! Thanks!

  7. Hey, gals, if you get frustrated with keeping your room organized, go back to my latest post about my school's high school art room, and your mess will not seem so bad. Even if you only clean twice a year, I guarantee it's more than the teacher who left the hideous mess in this room.

  8. Phyl,
    I read that post yesterday- YIKES! All I can say is thank goodness she has a wonderful mentor to help her through!

    I once had a fellow art teacher yell at me for throwing away very faded paper, dried out markers, and moldy glue. True story!

  9. Where did you get all those colorful storage bins?? Did your school buy those for you, or you purchased yourself? I love color.....everything operates in my room off colored tables, and numbers...

  10. I already had the yellow boxes- found those years ago at The Dollar store. The rest came from Wal-Mart this summer. They have a lot of colorful items right now- except yellow. I have a hard time finding yellow plastic items. Makes me wonder...


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