I was honored to recieve this award from Mary at the blog Mary-Making. Visit her blog- it's awesome! I had seen my blog posted for this award on another blog, but I cannot for the life of me remember whose it was. So, if you were the other person who gave me this award... thank you also!

As the rules state, you must:Rule # 1.) Thank the person who gave the award.
See above!

Rule # 2.) Share 7 things about yourself:
1.) I have taught art for 15 years and never plan on retiring. Ok, maybe someday, but I cannot see myself doing anything else!

2) I have been married to my husband, John for 18 years. We began dating at age 14, so I have spent most of my life with him in it.

3.) We have two children, Nathan, and Nick. Nick is a freshman this year and I couldn't be prouder. We lost our older son, Nate, 4 years ago to an AVM (ArterioVenous Malformation) when he was 13. If you are interested, you may learn more about my son on his memorial website.

4.) I was the only one of my friends to declare a major and stick with it as a freshman. However, I also contemplated going into forensic pathology. My brother is in law enforcement, so I live vicariously through him.

5.) I will be forty this year and am not ashamed to admit I love the Backstreet Boys and am a member of a fan forum.

6.) I am addicted to the internet and check various sites and blogs every day.

7.) I recently started running, following the Couch to 5K program. My husband signed us up for a 5K on October 2 and I am scared I won't be ready!!

Rule #3) Pass the award onto 15 other bloggers you have recently discovered and enjoy.
1.) The Teaching Palette
2.) Cake Wrecks
3.) Bakerella
4.) Lauren Alexander Art
5.) Deep Space Sparkle
6.) Geninne's Art Blog
7.) Jinjerup
8.) Sara's Art House
9.) Art Projects For Kids
10.) Art Room Videos
11.) Teach Kids Art
12.) The Crafty Crow
13.) Ms. Art Teacher
14.) Mrs Malone's Art Room
15.) There's A Dragon In My Art Room

*Note: There are soooo many awesome art related blogs out there, so it is impossible to list them all. I tried to mention a few that I hadn't seen on anyone else's lists. Please don't feel left out if yours wasn't mentioned!!


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