This is a great beginning of the year projecy that I have done with my 5th graders.
oil pastels, nice drawing paper (such as Canson Mi-Tientes) in various colors, cut in half vertically (19" X 25" cut to 9 1/2" X 12 1/2"), sunflowers to view, examples of Vincent vanGogh's work, chalk, scrap paper for "sloppy copy"
1. View examples of vanGogh's sunflowers and also examples of real sunflowers.
2. Students should practice drawing sunflowers in a sketchbook or on scrap paper. I demonstrate drawing the sunflowers' petal shapes and leafs on the board.
3. Students choose a piece of paper in their color choice and use chalk to draw their sunflowers, filling the entire paper.
4. Show students how to lay down the base color for their flowers, stems, and leafs using oil pastel.
5. Students continue to add layers of color until the entire flower is bodly filled.
6. Encourage students to add accents using unexpected color combinations, such as magenta with their yellow petals.


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