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Name Projects

I like to start the year with various name projects because it not only gives me a chance to review their names, it also seems to engage the students. Here are a few of the name projects we created this year: FIRST GRADE Black permanent marker, crayon, and liquid watercolor. Works in Progress: SECOND GRADE Black permanent marker & Mr. Sketch smelly markers. Works in Progress: THIRD GRADE Lesson plan found on Deep Space Sparkle . FOURTH GRADE I showed them several projects and allowed them to choose their favorite. FIFTH GRADE These are the covers of their sketchbooks. We discussed radial design & used Sharpies to draw. You can view all of our projects at our Artsonia Gallery .

Fun ideas for Halloween!


Bulletin Boards, etc.

Finally got those bulletin boards finished- well, almost. I still have a few touches to add, but they are 99% finished. This one is to help the kids with clean up and organization. I told them that I am the biggest monster at the top and they are the smaller monsters at the bottom. If you recall, I have their tables numbered, so they know which monster is "theirs" (see photo below). I have made it so that I can remove the word clouds and replace them with new jobs each day. Basically, their monster tells them what to do at clean-up time. Jobs include sharpening pencils, washing paint brushes, wiping tables, etc. These numbers, on their tables, correspond with their seats and let them know which monster to look at. This is my version of Mr. E's No No Board , which reminds students of things I do not want to see in their artwork. For example, no stick people, no smiley faces on their suns, no "broccoli trees", and no floating people and things. I still nee