Primary Lines

This lesson is done with pre-kindergarten over two class periods. During the first class, we discussed lines and I showed them a video, "Getting To Know Line In Art".

They filled out a worksheet about lines and then listened to the song "I Draw the Line" by Greg Percy (Songs In The Key Of Art, Volume I) while painting some lines with black tempera on white paper. If you haven't heard Greg's CDs, you really must check them out!

The second class period, we discussed primary colors and watched the video "Getting To Know Color In Art". We also read the books "Mouse Paint" and "White Rabbit's Color Book". They listened to the Greg Percy song about the primary colors - "Red &Yellow Blues" (Volume I) while they added the colors to their paintings.

The results are wonderful modern masterpieces!


  1. These paintings are GORGEOUS!

  2. Yes,these are beautiful "modern masterpieces!" I need to check out these songs by Greg Percy. Thanks!

  3. It definitely looks like they were listening to music! They have so much musicality and energy!

  4. I'm so glad you posted this lesson. I just started it with my Kindergarten classes and they are having a blast with it! I also downloaded all the Greg Percy albums on iTunes. The kids love the songs that go along with this lesson. It is so full of energy!


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