Sketchbook/Drawing Ideas

This topic came up on my listserve today & I posted my list of prompts, so I thought I would post them here as well. These are meant to be a jumping off point for students, to get the ideas flowing.

*What Frankenstein Wears For Halloween
*My Greatest Fear
*Things That Float
*Things With Wheels
*My Pets
*Things That Come From Eggs
*Alien Bugs
*At The Beach
*My Dream Car
*What I See Out My Bedroom Window
*I Am Screaming
*My Messy Bedroom
*My Favorite Foods
*An Invention Of My Own
*If I Lived In The Jungle
*If I Ran The Zoo
* When I Close My Eyes...
* A Bird's Eye View
*What My Dog Dreams
*I'm A Famous Rock Star
*A Birthday Party For Mr. Snake
* My Trip Around The World
* What Animals Do While We Sleep
* In A Mouse Hole
*If I Could Fly...
*My Monster Friend
*A Huge Cheeseburger
*A Large Pizza With The Works
*I'm Inside A Video Game
*Walking In A Garden
*The Planet Zorb
*Under The Big Top
*The Biggest Ice Cream Sundae In The World
*Things With Wings
*The Life Of A Bee
*Deep, Deep In The Ocean
*I'm Having A Bad Hair Day
*Cakes, Cookies, And Pies All For ME!
* At The Clown School
*A Trip In A Space Ship To Pluto
*Look! I Found A Treasure Chest!
*My Very Own Starry, Starry Night
*A Bug's Life*Dragons!
*The Best Day Of My Life
*Lions, & Tigers, & Bears. Oh, My!
*Our New School
*In A Crowded Elevator
*At A Kite Flying Contest
*King Askobar And His Castle
*Inside My Stomach After Lunch
*The Tooth Fairy
*Princess Peony And Her Pet Frog Herman
*A Map Of My Neighborhood
*A Tree Is Home To Many Things
*The Winner Of A Dog Show
*Things We Use In Art Class
*My Trip To Outer Space
*If I Had Million Dollars...
*At The Elephant And Monkey's Wedding
*Introducing The Newest Pokemon...
*A Class Trip To The Park
*In A Pickle Factory



  1. These are great...thanks for sharing! I have a big bucket of things like this for the kids to pull from when they don't know what to draw...I will add all of these!


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