Snow Owls- Part 2 of the "Jolly Walk" Series

I snatched this idea from a photo on Flikr. I apologize to the original artist, but I cannot remember whose- this was weeks ago!
My second graders really enjoyed creating these and they only took one 40 minute class to finish.
posterboard or railroad board scraps (approximately 8" X 8") in various colors, scissors, pencil, scrapbook paper in various designs (approximately 4" X 4"), acrylic or tempera paint (we used acrylic) in various colors, clear or crystal glitter, orange scrap paper for beaks, metallic paper for eye circles, circle paper punch (1 3/8" ), large google eyes, small paper punch, ribbon for hanging

These are the patterns we used for our owls. I handed out scrap railroad board for the bodies.

I had a variety of scrapbook paper for the bellies. Remind students to trace on the BACK of the patterned paper so that their pencil lines do not show up in the final project.

I punched out a bunch of circles for the eyes from metallic paper and beaks from orange tagboard.

After cutting the bodies from the railroad board, I had students paint their owls with acrylic and sprinkle crystal glitter on them before the paint dried. This made the "snow" of the snow owls.

Next, they glued their bellies on, using regular glue. I reminded them to make sure they had the owls pointing the right direction because they look like frogs upside down!

Finally, the students glued the circles and the beaks on. Google eyes were glued on top of the circles. I added a hole to the top using a small paper punch and added a gingham ribbon to each for hanging.

This Parliament of owls looks fantastic!

See our entire gallery of owls on Artsonia.


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