Textured Clay Hearts- Part 3 of the "Jolly Walk" series

My fourth grade students created these awesome clay hearts which feature a textured surface.

They rolled out a slab and then used rubber texture plates to add the designs. The hearts were cut out using a template and a hole was made at the top for hanging.

After firing, the students had their choice of many glazes to use. The glaze settles in the design, making them really stand out.

These were hung on the school Christmas tree for all to enjoy.

See the entire gallery on Artsonia.


  1. These are lovely! Where did you get the rubber texture plates?

  2. I was thinking of doing clay textured hearts with my kindergartners, I also want to try those Jim Dine hearts that you had done, they are so nice! Do you mind if I ask what size paper you used for the Jim Dine painted hearts?

  3. Susan, the texture plates/stamps are made by Mayco:

    ArtMuse, I use 9" X 12" paper for the heart painting and they are mounted on to 12" X 15" paper.

    Hope that helps!


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