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There are a lot of these fellas floating around on blogs. Here are my Kinders' version. I taught them to make a "Glue Sandwich" when gluing on the earmuffs; put glue on one oval, add the other on top to make the "sandwich", pull them apart, and each has the perfect amount of glue. We work REALLY hard not to be "Glue Monsters"!!!! The beaks open up- they loved that part! Ribbon from a discount store ($1 a roll) made the perfect scarf. I must be crazy- each of those snowflakes were hand punched by me! See our entire "Rookery" of Penguins on Artsonia .

Frosty Friends

How to make a Frosty Friend: Start with a large snowflake. I found these 12" foam ones from the Dollar store (5 in a package). Add a hat and scarf made of scrap fleece. (I have a parent who donated TONS). Next add a carrot nose, wiggly eyes, a star sticker for the hat, and punched out dots for the mouth. I suggest using tacky glue for this project. More Frosty Friends: Visit our entire gallery of Frosty Friends on Artsonia.

Winter Shape Collage

These projects were created by my Young Fives Kindergarten classes. We began by using bright colors of liquid watercolor on pieces of 12" X 12" watercolor paper. They then sprinkled salt on top and allowed them to dry. During the next class, they wiped the salt from their papers and revealed a "snowy"sky. Some gorgeous sky papers: During the next class, we tore a piece of white 9" X 12" construction paper in half horizontally. Half of this paper became the snow along the bottom of their papers. Houses were made from rectangular scraps of paper. I showed the kids how to cut a square piece of paper corner to corner to create a triangle for the roof. Doors, windows, and chimneys were added next. Building their houses: Trrees were made by cutting more squares diagonally and stacking the triangles. Tree trunks and pre-cut snowflakes finished their collage. The kids enjoyed creating their winter scenes and reviewed shapes also. Some more beauti