There are a lot of these fellas floating around on blogs. Here are my Kinders' version.
I taught them to make a "Glue Sandwich" when gluing on the earmuffs; put glue on one oval, add the other on top to make the "sandwich", pull them apart, and each has the perfect amount of glue. We work REALLY hard not to be "Glue Monsters"!!!!
The beaks open up- they loved that part!

Ribbon from a discount store ($1 a roll) made the perfect scarf.

I must be crazy- each of those snowflakes were hand punched by me!

See our entire "Rookery" of Penguins on Artsonia.


  1. Hi Denise! I wrote you on Artsonia...but in fear of you not getting that messg, I'll write you on here as well. I was wondering if you had a written lesson of some sort on those beautiful large 3-D Snowflakes you make with your 5th graders for your Jolly Walk that you would be willing to share? My email is
    Hopefully you get this and can help! :)

  2. Here is the site I used:

    Have fun!!

  3. Very cute ideas for the penguin images! I was glad for your comments about our winter murals and have an e-mail ready to send to you, but am unsure of your address.

  4. Thanks, Kathy!
    you can email me at school:

  5. These are adorable. I love the glue process!

  6. Hi Denise! You won the Giveaway on The Art of Education.!! I will try you email again. I would love to get your mailing address so I can send you a fabulous class pack of Crayola crayons!

  7. I updated my email on your blog. Can't wait to get those crayons! :) Thank you!!

  8. These turned out wonderful.. they look way beyond kindergarten. Oh and i love all the colors and the multi-levels.
    I am doing a painting project with my kinders right now, I am beginning to be okay with controlled chaos!

  9. ne kadar şirin olmuş bu penguenler.bayıldım.tebrikler...

  10. Fantastic!!!! Very cool. :) Thanks.

  11. Absolutely fabulous! Thanks for sharing the glue tip and the ribbon scarf.


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