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Musical Mandalas

A mandala is... An integrated structure organized around a unifying center . ~Longchenpa Aren't these spectacular? Can you believe that they were made by fourth graders? A-ma-zing. And, as a bonus, there is a math tie in and, as one of my smart followers pointed out, Social Studies! MATERIALS: images of Mandalas, posterboard or matboard scraps for background (I use the back of Flawboard ), ice cream lid and cool whip lid to make circles, old CDs, hot glue gun, pencil, protractor (larger ones work best), ruler, permanent markers- thin black and regular sized colored ENCOUNTER: Step 1: Discuss Mandalas and show examples. Some great resources are Mandalas of the World , Mandala coloring book , and The Mandala Project online. Step 2 : Using pencil, trace around the two lids to make concentric circles- these will be used as guidelines and may be erased later. Step 3 : Hot glue an old CD (blank side up) in the center of the circles, making sure it is centered. (Not

Cupid's Weave

This is a fun lesson to do with my kinders and serves as an introduction to weaving. Materials: 9" X 12" construction paper in various colors, scissors, pencil, weaving strips , decorative papers (for smaller weaving strips & small 3" X 5" pieces for heart shapes), heart templates cut from posterboard/cardboard, glue, For mounting: paper fasteners, 1/8" hole paper punch , posterboard Encounter: Step 1~ Have students choose one piece of 9" X 12" paper and fold it in half, as shown below. Along the opened end, have students draw a pencil line accross the top, about 1" down from the edge. Students should write their names on the line. Once weaving begins, it will be important that their names are on the edge, rather than in the middle. Step 2~ Students begin cutting from the bottom (folded) up to the line and stop. Repeat cutting approximately every inch or so apart. It isn't necessary to measure; just remind students not to make their

Happy Heart Flags

Today is my husband and my 19th wedding anniversary. I decided to create something homemade this year, so this vignette is what I came up with. Bonus- it doubles for Valentine's Day. I have directions for the flags at the end of this post. This cool banner is from Lisa Frost. Love her work! The flags are homemade. I also made the heartstrings, based on Little Birdie Secrets' blog post. My husband wanted cupcakes, so I bought this cool holder at Wal-Mart. I put candy in the jar to hold the branch in place. The branch, by the way, is glittered. More decorations came from Meijer. How to make the flags: Step 1: Get an old book, preferably one that has been discarded from the library! Using an X-Acto knife, carefully cut along the spine to remove the pages. Step 2: Cut each page into a triangular flag shape. Step 3: Notch each top corner. I have shown where to cut by adding black lines here- you should cut on these lines. *Note- by adding this notch, the edges wo