Crayon Muffins

And what did YOU do with your day off due to the blizzard of 2011?
I spend countless hours making crayon muffins.
Step One: Peel the paper off hundreds of crayon bits. After getting tons of crayon bits under my fingernails, it finally dawned on me to use a razor blade to slice down the crayon and peel the label off. Ahhh, much better! *Disclaimer: do not let children use the razor blade! The crayons I had were very old (up to 10 years!) and the labels wouldn't come off easily. Hopefully, your stash is much newer and easier to peel.
Step Two: get an awesome baking pan. I also have a heart shaped one. Both are by Wilton and cost under $10.
Step Three: Pile the crayon bits into the pan, making sure they are slightly mounded. They will melt down and fill the gaps between the crayons.
Step Four: Bake at 250 degrees for 15 minutes. Allow to cool completely and they will pop right out. Have fun- try different color combinations!


  1. Your tins are very cool. I'm doing this with my own children tomorrow, but we don't have cool plans. We just have hearts.

  2. Another thing I tried once and will not likely do again! Klutz that I am, I cut my fingers more than once slicing the wrappers w/a razor blade on the curve of the crayon, after I had given up peeling off the wrappers one at a time. The kids loved the crayons (I used foil muffin tins from the $1 store) but I didn't love making them. Oh well...

  3. This is so funny. As I was reading I thought you and Phyl should get together with these projects you've been tackling!! Did you read her post today?
    Your crayons are really pretty, though. I might just have to do this, as my old crayon basket is overflowing.

  4. They are so pretty! I would not want to use them! :)

  5. I am totally trying this. I was going to do it a few weeks ago and realized my silicone trays were for ice cubes. Luckily I figured that out before I put them in those cute star and heart shaped and melted EVERYTHING! Check out my blog some time, hopefully I can inspire you with some great ideas.
    P.S. I will be having little fingers peel my crayons !!

  6. I linked this to my facebook page since we were in the middle of a blizzard and knew others were looking for something to do! Couple friends tried it and loved it! I've done it before with just plain muffin tins But I love your fancy ones!

  7. I soak the crayons in hot water most of the labels fall right off.(the kids love doing it) I use Wilton silicone baking molds(hearts and stars), the crayons pop right out. I hand them out the hearts for birthdays, and Valentine's day. The stars are for special stuff, moving up day, great students, etc... The student love them they make a special trip up on their birthday, every crayon is as unique as they are!!

  8. I have also been doing this project during our "Texas blizzard". I am only making some for my daughter's Kinder class in the shape of hearts for V-Day. I thought of doing it for all the kids but then it took HOURS to peel the paper and my fingernails feel like I tried to pull them out with pliers! Then like you, it finally occured to me to slice the side with a knife! Still takes a while though. I will try Kelly's idea of soaking them since I still have more to finish. I also like the idea of giving them for b-days. Maybe I could even put some in my treasure box. I really like you blog btw I just found it on 50 Awesome Art Blogs.

  9. If you soak the crayons for a while (overnight is best), the wrappers will come right off! :)

  10. I did it with standard cupcake papers and the kids call them cupcake crayons. Yours seem to have a glow to them. any tricks?


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