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Art Show!

We recently held our 12th annual Spring Celebration of the Arts, which included fine art, music, and dances performed by our elementary phys ed classes. Here are a few photos of my displays from that night. You can click on any to enlarge them and see more detail.

That is yours truly, hanging the art show. Luckily, I get the entire day to get the show put up.

This is my student teacher, Kinsey.
She was a great help!

I always like to show the "before" photos to show just how much work we did that day.
I had some wonderful help!

And this is the finished product. I have 3 display boards that I fill, plus all of the walls.

A display of 2nd grade's "Abstract Names"

4th grade Digital Photography.

4th grade "Musical Mandalas" and 1st grade name projects

Kinders' "Primary Mondrian"

3rd grade "What's In A Name?"

5th grade "Fearless Art"

Kinders' Penguin collages

2nd grade "Non-Objective Art"

1st grade "Sunflower…