Art Show, Sneak Peek, & A Giveaway!

Wow! I have been so very busy getting ready for my Fine Arts Festival that will be held this Thursday. I miss blogging, but making sure that I have over 550 mounted art projects is a huge undertaking. I promise to be back with more fun art projects very soon!

The picture above is a sneak peek of the next project I will be blogging about. I am in LOVE with these little clay birds made by my second graders.

Finally, I see that I have reached over 200 followers. YAY!! To celebrate, I will be having a giveaway this weekend. Look for it!

Thank you for visiting!



  1. Congrats on reaching 201 followers! I love the little bird - looking forward to seeing more of them. I'm curious how you attached the ribbon etc for the tail.

    *BTW - did you ever receive the Keith Haring book?

  2. Yes, Phyl- I did receive the book. Thanks again!! I haven't been on much- sorry for not letting you know.

    I will post about those birds VERY soon!!

  3. I'm starting to get ready for our art show too...I just put out a call for help on facebook!! I usually have a couple people volunteer(it is TN...the Volunteer State)...and have them help mount and write name tags. I have a little over I do understand what you're going through!!!! the bird!!!

  4. Congrats My Friend!!!! I love seeing all the Fine Arts Festivals! Post photos when you can :)

  5. Luckily, I have a student teacher and another college student helping this year. But, I am in charge of the whole event (K-12) and it is TONS of work to get things going.

    I will post photos this weekend!

  6. wow, congratulations you have earned more than 200 followers ..
    I really like your blog. very creative and inspiring ..
    impatient to wait for your next post. :)

  7. I enjoy reading your posts. I like how you show the steps to your projects. Thanks for sharing so many great ideas.

  8. I love all your birds! I too have been bird crazy paper, painted, oiled I have yet to paper mache them soon! Thanks for sharing your great projects!


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