Art Show!

We recently held our 12th annual Spring Celebration of the Arts, which included fine art, music, and dances performed by our elementary phys ed classes. Here are a few photos of my displays from that night. You can click on any to enlarge them and see more detail.

That is yours truly, hanging the art show. Luckily, I get the entire day to get the show put up.

This is my student teacher, Kinsey.

She was a great help!

I always like to show the "before" photos to show just how much work we did that day.

I had some wonderful help!

And this is the finished product. I have 3 display boards that I fill, plus all of the walls.

A display of 2nd grade's "Abstract Names"

4th grade Digital Photography.

4th grade "Musical Mandalas" and 1st grade name projects

Kinders' "Primary Mondrian"

3rd grade "What's In A Name?"

5th grade "Fearless Art"

Kinders' Penguin collages

1st grade "Sunflowers" & 3rd grade "Self-Portrait Retablos"

Based on Frida Kahlo, the door open to reveal their portraits.

5th grade clay faces based on the art of Kimmy Cantrell

I know I need to blog about these. I get emails all the time asking about them!

To create this display, I had to set up two tables and then tip one over and place it on top to make the false wall. This display contains 1st grade Clay Owls, kinders' pinch pots, and 2nd grade "Wild & Wiry Clay Birds"

3rd grade "Metepec Clay Suns" & 4th grade Clay Tiles

Long shot of the side wall (actually the back of the bleachers!)

This side wall included the following displays:

3rd grade "Golden Gourds"

2nd grade "Paul Klee Checkerboards"

feature a black line drawing on a warm & cool landscape

5th grade "Halloween Scenes"

I just love seeing kids point out their artwork to parents!

And, this is the opposite wall of the gym... er, gallery!

This side included the following displays"

4th grade "Winter Birch Trees"

5th grade "Carousel Animals" done in oil pastel

1st grade "Wild Things" done in fluorescent watercolor

The Young Fives' display contains various projects since there are only 30 of them total

I always hang this sign above their work, just as a gentle reminder!

3rd grade " Day of the Dead Calaveras" inspired by Painted Paper. Thank you!!

At the back of the room were the following projects:

Kinders' "Cupid's Weave"

4th Grade "Self-Portrait Rag-Gon-Nons" based on the Ohio artist Aminah Robinson

2nd grade "Picasso Monsters"

Some general ideas:

We always have scrapbooks of the previous year's art show so everyone can reminisce.

I also had a slide show of my students' work on Artsonia projected on to a screen.

We had 4 Hands-On Activities for the kiddos. Sorry, I can't post any more pics of them because the kids are in them, but they included Blow Paint Monsters, Faces on Film (oil pastel on overhead film), Butterfly Mosaics, and Bird collages (seen below)

Yes, EVERY one of my students has a project in this show. Tons of work, but well worth it!

So that the parents know which project to look for, I send home the following note the week before the show. It tells them exactly which project I put in and where to find it.

Finally, my FAVORITE part of the art show is seeing what artistic flower arrangement

my hubby has come up with! Gotta love that!!

Whew! Thank you for looking through our art show photos. I had over 200 pics this year, so it was hard to edit them down. I'm sure many of you also had art shows this month. Hope they were as successful as my Apache Kids' show!


  1. Wow! That is so impressive! I really need to do something like that. :) What a lot of work, but what a great event for the families.

    At our school, we participate in our regional art show. We are also doing a small show (I have about 40 kids' artworks) at a local winery, which one of our familys owns. Then, we have a wine tasting and snacks for the parents and kids (well, not wine for the kids!) We are doing that show this weekend.

    Bravo! You should be very proud of yourself and I hope the families and your school recognizes your hard work :)

  2. Your shows are always so impressive!! Hope you have some time to sit back and relax after this undertaking. :) Congrats.
    (And beautiful arrangement from your hubby!)

  3. What a wonderful exhibit - I hope it was well attended by both students and families.

  4. Great job! So many wonderful art works. I love the clay pieces. I know how much work it takes to set an art show. Well done! I love the idea of letting the parents know exactly what art piece their child has. Great idea and congratulations!

  5. Great Show!!! What a nice array of projects!!!! :)

  6. You should be very proud! What a beautiful show! Some incredible projects...I love the note letting the parents know what they much work, but I might have to "borrow" that one from you. You've made me rethink my art show this year! I too make sure every student has a piece, and most of the time its two pieces...makes for around 1,000 pieces of art, but seeing it all on display always makes my heart SING!!! Thanks for sharing your show! (Mine's not till june, but I'll post then.)

  7. Huge amount of work! Amazing. It's nice that your school gives you a day to do this! But I'm sure it takes way more than that day to mount everything, hang, and take down. I am especially fond of the under 5 display. Kudos.

  8. Wow. Totally fantastic - so much wonderful art work to see - and what a HUGE amount of work putting it up!

  9. Congratulations on a well-organized Art Show.
    My favorite display: The clay faces based on Kim Cantrell's work.

  10. What beautiful artwork! We have just finished our district art show. It's always so rewarding when you see the student work hung. I really liked your 4th grade Winter Birch Trees and was wondering if you could explain how they were done. Did the students use a tape resist to make the trees?

  11. Thank you for commenting on my art show! The birch trees were made on tagboard, cut out, and glued on top of the landscape.

  12. Amazing! I am having my first art show next month and feel very overwhelmed!! I have been saving kids work all year and I am so afraid I have not saved enough..or some kid will not have a piece up because I have saved certain projects from each class...yadda yadda! You seem extremely organized and your displays look great! Congrats!

  13. that is some amount of work!


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