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Draw Like An Egyptian- Art at the Library

I was asked to present a lesson for two local libraries and I chose to present "Draw Like An Egyptian." The lesson plan may be found on The Incredible Art Department . It is my lesson, but I will need to retype it here when I have time. (I really wish we could cut & paste on Blogger!) The simple steps are as follows: 1. Draw an Egyptian figure surrounded by Hieroglyphics. 2. Trace using black permanent marker. 3. Sponge acrylic on top to make it look aged. 4. Add liquid watercolor sparingly.

FEARLESS Art- Honors Academy Day 5

Here are some more photos of the project we completed on Day 4. We also made cookie color wheels, mixing primary colored frosting. Good thing we did this activity- there was no food left when we went to the cafeteria for our snack time! Finally, The students decorated their picture frames. First, they stamped their names on to them. This project was all about the dots! They used all sorts of techniques to add them. Yogurt cups dipped in paint... Tape register rolls dipped in paint... Stencils... Sponges... As a final touch, some even added buttons. The experience of teaching Honors Academy was definitely worthwhile. I can't wait for next year!