FEARLESS Art- Honors Academy Day 1

I am teaching 20 amazing kiddos during Summer Honors Academy this week. They were all nominated by their teachers to attend and chose which class they would like to take based on our written descriptions. Mine is as follows:

WANTED: Students who are not afraid to experiment with new art materials, take chances in their artwork, get messy using various hands-on art activities, learn about other FEARLESS artists, and have a great time being creative! Come and experiment in various art techniques, including painting, drawing, printmaking, stamping, and mixed-media collage.

Here are some photos from Day 1

Abstract Art anyone?

Trying our hand at various surface techniques, including stamping, combing, gadget printing, marble painting, sponge painting, and spraying.

We will use these papers in another project tomorrow.

Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow!


  1. Looks like great fun - can I come and play?

  2. Me too! This sounds like so much fun. Love the abstract art. Ironically, I just finished a "test drive" of your Non-Objective art lesson for one of my summer classes.Looking forward to more photos in part 2.

  3. This is fantastic - I love the idea of an Honors Academy - it must be wonderful to work with students who have chosen to be there.

  4. What fun for your students! I have thought about doing something similar to your Honors Academy. I would love it if you would share how it is structured and funded. Thanks for your great blog!

  5. Mary,
    Honors Academy is sponsored by our county educational service center, so I have no specifics for you. I will share what I DO know.

    * Over 500 students attend each year
    * Students are nominated by their teachers each year
    * As an instructor, I have to submit a plan for my class offering
    * They send out a brochure with the class offerings to all the "chosen" students
    * The students choose their top 3 classes and send the form back in with a $50 payment
    * The $50 covers the class for the week- NOT food
    * Students don't always get their first choice in classes
    * They attend one class for the week- Monday through Friday 8-noon (I think it was noon...)
    * The students get a break midday with snacks available for purchase
    * I am given a budget for supplies based on the amount of students I have and what I have proposed. Last year, I got $200. This year, I was allotted $320. I think it was because it was my second year.
    * The class offerings are varied- economics, candy making, reporters who write a newsletter, even a class on acting how to "fight". The classes are very interesting, with unique names so the students will be interested.
    * Students are bussed from all over the county to the school where the classes are held.

    I hope that helps some!!


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