FEARLESS Art- Honors Academy Day 3

Day three and we are zipping right along- so fast, in fact, that I have to plan another project for tomorrow!

A look at our supplies:

The painting & stamping station.

Lots of paper to use.

Today, we finished cutting pieces for our mixed media paintings and Mod-Podged them on to the canvases we had prepared on day two.

Once they dried, we added details and embellishments. I will add more photos of the finished paintings tomorrow, once we add the wire for hanging.

We also used our other canvas to create an initial (letter) painting. First, they painted a border. (The canvases backgrounds were prepared on day two.)

Then, they added the first letter of their names in any style they wanted.

Details are added to the border and the letter is outlined to make it stand out.

We added a ribbon for hanging and the kids took them home. They wanted to take everything, but I convinced them that we still had some work to do on the others.

I am really having a lot of fun with these kids and they say they are enjoying it also. Bliss!


  1. Those are all wonderful! I really like the letter ones. perfect for a summer fun class or a lesson about illuminated letters. I'll have to try that.

  2. Love the layers to the pictures!!! Gotta try something like that next year in the classroom!!!


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