FEARLESS Art- Honors Academy Day 4

Here are some photos of yesterday's projects with the silver floral wire added as a hanger. I had my son (he's my helper this week) drill holes at the top, add the wire, and twist the ends into a spiral. The kids thought this was pretty cool.

Then, we started a new project. I have been admiring this project found on Pamela Holderman's blog and decided to try it out with my Honors kids.

First, we glued paint chip samples and boxes of scrapbooking paper on our backgrounds. These became houses and various patches in our gardens.

Roofs, doors, and windows were added using scraps. We don't throw anything away!

Next, we added the paint;




A stream or two...

And patches of land for future crops.

Rubber stamps, marker, and more paint were used to add details.

I LOVE the little bridge this artist created.

You may want to click on these photos to enlarge.

Finally, everything was given a coat of Mod-Podge to seal it.

I will have photos of the final project after tomorrow's class.

We also base coated our wooden picture frames ($1 at Michaels!)

These will be decorated tomorrow and the kids' photos will be added.

Stay tuned for the final installment!


  1. Oh what fun to see - they are beautiful and clever and you made my day!


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