Back to School- Supplies

Does anyone else actually look forward to unpacking all of their supply orders?

Look at all that paper fun! Imagine the possibilities.

Beads, and buttons, and gems- Oh, My!

Such pretty yarn to use in weaving and to hang our clay owls.

I must give some props to Dick Blick (Blick Art Supply) Company:

These chalk pastels are wonderful! They are soft, but not TOO soft. They remind me of the more expensive set that I cherished as a young artist. I always wanted my students to have those more expensive sets, but... well, you know- budget, budget, budget. Finally, a pastel set that doesn't cost and arm & leg, but is NICE.

Last year, I ordered several bisque tiles from Dick Blick and more than 3/4 came in chipped or broken. Bummer! They replaced them, without charge, but it was a delay I hadn't planned on. However, this year, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the tiles came packaged VERY carefully, as seen below. Not one (out of 100) were broken, chipped, or cracked. Bravo!

Disclaimer- I am NOT affiliated with Dick Blick at all; just a very satisfied customer!

And what were you excited to receive this year in your supply order?


  1. I LOVE the assorted paper packs from Blick (first photo) I have been using the same pack for five years! Time to order a new one I think. Thanks for the pastel recommendation. It is so hard to find ones that are soft enough but done poof into dust as you touch the page:)

  2. i agree - i've been a satisfied Blick shopper for many years. opening up the order is like Christmas morning!

  3. So jealous! I have had to maintain our district's K-2 art program with no budget for 3 years (my 1st years teaching). Well, ok, I was told I could use a SMALL amount of the "principle's fund" for paper this year (finally). I struggle every day to do fun and meaningful projects with these students on minimal resources!

    I'm browsing your blog and um, I'm drooling over your supplies and wonderful lessons! Love it!


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