Brightening A Day

There is a little girl at my school who is physically challenged. She was given this little wooden bench so that she can stretch out her legs and use it as a desk to do her work. The bench was brown and her teacher last year tried to help make it more colorful by letting the little girl draw on it with markers. She drew little stick figures with sad faces. Talk about pulling my heartstrings! I decided that this bench needed a facelift before this school year started.

First, I painted the entire bench white.

I really wish I had thought to take a real before photo. It was so sad looking!

Next, I stenciled some polka dots and stamped some circles on it to add interest.

Finally, I added some bold flowers on the top and sides and gave it a clear coat of poly.

I can't wait until she sees it tomorrow night at Open House. I really hope it brightens her day!


  1. I'm sure it will brighten her day! The bench is gorgeous and she will definitely feel the love :)

  2. How wonderful, brought tears to my eyes! She will love it!

  3. This is so nice and thoughtful! I'm sure she is going to love it! Plus, I bet the other kids will think it is so cool! She will be so proud of her new special seat just for her. I enjoy reading your blog!

  4. thats beautiful! I'm sure she'll love it!

  5. awww This is my first year working with students who have really restrictive abilities. . .I find that creating ways to make art accessible for them is SO exciting for me!

    I LOVE your little bench. You'll have to keep us all posted on the reaction!

  6. Just fabulous!! I hope she LOVES it!

  7. Well, she loved it! Thank you for all your kind words.


  8. Awww what a great story. That is something only a great teacher would do! Glad she loved it :)


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