Jamaican Arts

I spent last week in Ocho Rios, Jamaica and loved every minute of it. We spent our time on a private resort, but that didn't keep us from seeing some gorgeous Jamaican artwork.

Wherever a tree had died on the site, they had an artist carve the trunk and turn it into a fantastic scuplture, as seen above and in the following photos:

One day, on the beach, I saw this wonderful turtle in the sand. Turns out a young teenage girl had made it. Wonderful!

On the last night, the resort brought in local artists so that we could view and purchase their work. I had a few nice conversations with some artists and bought some work. Supposedly, they gave me an artist's discount, but who knows!

I would rather bring home art than another t-shirt, so I bought three carvings, a boomerang, and one acrylic painting.

Just to tease you, this was our view from our room. Can't wait to go back!


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