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PicaSsO MoNstERs!

I have been waiting a full year to post this project! Last year, I had to document all of the steps and by the time I did that, it was too late to blog about it. This is one of my second graders' favorite projects and it was adapted from a lesson that has been floating around the net for awhile. In that lesson, the kids all made witches, but I thought my kids would like more variety, so I came up with this. Materials : Info (books, visuals, videos) about Pablo Picasso, construction paper in all colors, scissors, glue, scissors, black marker, patterns for heads (see below), masking tape, pencils, variety of items for decorating (google eyes, glitter, pipe cleaners, etc.), metallic markers Art History: Discuss Pablo Picasso and share various examples of his cubist portraits. I show the video Dropping In On Picasso . Encounter: Step 1- The Head Hand out patterns for the monster heads, I have 4 different patterns that I hand out to each table. We discuss which shape head would

Ceramic Photo Holders

I am on the "Birthday Committee" at school, which means that I am in charge of handing out cards and a small gift to each staff member on their special day. When others are on the committee we usually get a candy bar or small token (which is nice, don't get me wrong!) But, when I am on the committee, I like to make something a little more special. Two years ago, I made sets of magnets, which I really need to blog about......... but I digress. On to the project. You'll need clay, texture mats, a knife (mine is a cheapo lettuce knife from the Dollar Store), glazes, kiln, etc. This photo shows a Mayco texture mat , the clay I use Amaco #25 White Art Clay , and the knife. I cut the clay into cubes, approximately 2" X 2" X 3". Smooth the edges. Next, place the texture mat on the sides of the clay. Use a rolling pin to press the design into the clay. Repeat on all sides. Use the knife to make a slice in the clay, going to approximat