Art Room Revisited

Thought of a few more ideas to share. I organize my lessons by grade level and they are housed in these binders on top of my file cabinets for easy reference.

At the beginning of the binder is a page listing the selected projects for the year. I always, always choose too many projects- we never get all of them done, but I aim high!

This is the format (Which I learned at Ohio State) I use for my lesson plans. (Click to enlarge.)

I am always interested in how everyone does their lesson plans.

My melted crayon art has finally been hung in its spot. The kids keep asking if they can make them in class, but I just tell them how it is done.

As previously posted, I used wrapping paper to cover my ugly file cabinets. My friend had a roll of this cool polka dot wrap and I HAD to steal some of it.

You know, it goes with the theme this year!

I like it even better without all of the papers covering it, but some things HAVE to be posted.

To compare, this is the "Before"

And this is the "After"

Ahhh... much better. Thank you, Jodi!


  1. looks great! I organize my lessons by alphabet letter. I tend to teach thematic that way. I do binders as well! I plan on breaking it down into categories within those letter (birds, owls, etc.) and have another binder just for 3D.

    My room is still a work in progress...bulletin board still empty!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing!! I just graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in art education and I have landed my first art teaching position. My program made us write books for lessons and it seems very unpractical for the real world of teaching. Your lesson format is straight to the point which is what I have been looking for. Also, I LOVE the way you organize your lessons. Love your blog in general, it is very inspiring! Can't wait to one day have all of those tried and true lessons in my back pocket. Thanks again! :)

  3. I love your binders! Funny coming across your blog, I've been trying to get some binders started. Any advice?


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