I Think I Have A Problem...

Stop me before I buy more glaze!!!

(Yes, they are at least 3 bottle deep.)

What is your favorite supply to hoard, I mean, buy?


  1. Tempera paint. And paper scraps. And scissors. And the weird junk people bring me. "...but I'll use it SOME DAY...

  2. Paint- But what I am envious is how tidy your cupboard is- I do need about a week to get my store room , kiln room and art room clean and tidy- there just is never enough time to do it all.

  3. Containers. Like Gerber Puffs containers or Crystal Light containers- those are my favorites. I am always collecting empty containers as if I'm going to have tons of stuff to store someday! Sometimes I use them but mostly they sit in the cabinets or in boxes or inside of other containers :)

  4. Paint..definately. I have a cupboard that looks like yours and have a huge box underneath a table filled with more! (I think I must have 15 bottles of each color! I also have at least 1,000 (ok, slight exaggeration!) egg cartons. I asked for them once, and they just keep coming in...and paper bags and large yogurt containers.
    I obviously need professional help!

  5. Paper -- drawing paper, watercolor paper, construction paper... one can never have too much paper! but dont worry ... once my clay is in i will probably start on the glaze too.

  6. I feel like I never have enough paper!

  7. Mine is recycle-able stuff!! I have an endless supply of stuff we could turn into something one day!!


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