Girls' Night- Makin' Art!

Tonight, I had a fun evening with my neice, Madi. I was asked to babysit and she told her dad, my brother, that we were going to make some really cool stuff, so the pressure was on to find some projects she would enjoy.

We made two seperate projects; Sparkly Fall Trees & Printed Pumpkin Note Cards.

To make the Sparkly Fall Trees, we began coating the background and then using warm colored acrylics to add a swirling sky to our 11" X 14" cavases (found at Big Lots for $5.)

Then, we used the back end of the brush dipped in the paint to add some dots to the swirls.

We practiced painting our trees on newspaper before doing the following steps.

Next, we used black paint to add a fall tree, starting with the trunk, as shown below.

The trunk is broken in half, like a Y and then the ends of those branches are broken in half.

This is an easy way to show young artists how to paint a tree.

The branches keep getting separated in to V shapes and get longer and thinner as they get higher. We changed to smaller brushes at this point.

Keep going until you get near the top of the canvas. Add branches to fill in the bare areas.

At this point, we swirled the ends of our branches. This is optional, of course.

Madi was fearless in adding her branches. I love it!

To add the sparkle, we added gems using tacky glue.

I placed the gems in rows.

Madi added hers more randomly. Either way, they turned out beautiful!

We added a ribbon for hanging (hot glued to the back.) Her mom loved it!

We have decided to create a whole series- one for each season.

For the Printed Pumpkin Cards, we used some foam from an egg carton.

Using a pen, we drew a pumpkin in to the styrofoam.

I didn't have any printing ink or brayers, so a foam brush and acrylics did the job.

Lay the paper on top, rub, and pull your print.

We made several prints, all unique in color.

While the prints dried, we made the cards. I folded cardstock to make the cards and Madi painted a strip of grass accross the bottom of each one.

An overview of our process. You can see the painted tree sketch on newspaper here also.

I showed Madi how to add sparkling stars in the sky. Simply use a rubber stamp and an ink pad to stamp the star and then quickly shake on some glitter diamond dust. Shake off the excess and the glitter remains where the wet ink was. I think this was Madi's favorite step!

A view of the starry sky.

I spray glued the pumpkins (which we cut out) and Madi added them to the card fronts.

She added details, such as stems and vines using gel pen and then dipped her finger in paint to make the leaf. She also signed each card on the back.

A whole croop of pumkins... and a kid's shoe!

The proud artist with her cards.

All tied up and ready to give. One stack for mom and one for Madi.

Like the toy box Madi is leaning on? It is made by my friend over at Mod Mom Furniture.

It is named the Owyn and it is GORGEOUS!

And, a shout out to Artsy T for the wonderful inspiration for our paintings.

I can't wait until our next girls' night, Madi!


  1. Will you be my aunt? please?

  2. Love this project and I pinned it to my Pinterest board and shared on my blog....great art for kids, and moms too!

  3. I saw pictures like the trees on pinterset and repinned them a few weeks ago. I wonder if they were yours? I love the trees and was planning on doing an art lesson with them with one of my elementary classes. Looks like you guys had such a fun night!

  4. I found you through Harmony Art Mom...your activities look great! Can't wait to find more....linking this to my facebook fan page...thanks for sharing!

  5. What a fun evening. Madi looks so proud. We are going to print pumpkins this year if I can fit it in too. Thanks for your kind comments. Your projects are just wonderful!

  6. You are very inspiring! Thanks for the many great ideas and tips on these great lessons. I look here for examples often!


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