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Wild Wild West!

Our school is celebrating Right To Read Week and this year's theme is Wild Wild West. Our school committee outdid themselves this year, transforming our school. Of course, we created some projects in art class to accompany this fun theme. Some photos of our school atrium: The kinders studied types of line and made this teepee mural in art. First graders made a cactus collage. Second graders made themselves in to cowboys and cowgirls. Third graders made cool cowboy boots with their names as the stitches. I have lesson plans that I will post soon. Stay tuned!

Happy Heart Day from Mrs. Picasso

Here are some pics I snapped in the art room this week. Hope you had a great Valentine's Day! Me? I had a snow day today and baked cookies for my hubby.

Anatomy of an Art Teacher's Desk

1. Obsessive collection of cool pens, fancy pencils, and every color of Sharpie marker. 2. Kids' projects that have been photographed, uploaded on Artsonia, but not published yet. 3. Kids' projects that are currently being worked on. 4. Kleenex that was bought out of pocket because the kids only bring them in for their homerooms. 5. Kid's projects waiting to be photographed. 6. Cell phone for checking the wind chill before going out for 40 minutes of recess duty. 7. Collection of fancy papers just because they are pretty. 8. Kids' projects that are currently being worked on. 9. Remnants from a lunch that was hastily eaten while working on #3, #5, #8, #10, & #12. 10. Kids' projects that are currently being worked on. 11. Old fashioned gradebook because, even though grades are done online, there has to be a record of all artwork that has been kept for various art shows, who received Artist of the Week certificates, and who was chosen as Outstanding Art