Anatomy of an Art Teacher's Desk

1. Obsessive collection of cool pens, fancy pencils, and every color of Sharpie marker.

2. Kids' projects that have been photographed, uploaded on Artsonia, but not published yet.

3. Kids' projects that are currently being worked on.

4. Kleenex that was bought out of pocket because the kids only bring them in for their homerooms.

5. Kid's projects waiting to be photographed.

6. Cell phone for checking the wind chill before going out for 40 minutes of recess duty.
7. Collection of fancy papers just because they are pretty.

8. Kids' projects that are currently being worked on.

9. Remnants from a lunch that was hastily eaten while working on #3, #5, #8, #10, & #12.

10. Kids' projects that are currently being worked on.

11. Old fashioned gradebook because, even though grades are done online, there has to be a record of all artwork that has been kept for various art shows, who received Artist of the Week certificates, and who was chosen as Outstanding Art Students.

12. Kids' projects that have been photgraphed, uploaded on Artsonia, but not yet published.

13. Art teacher perched precariously to get just the right angle.

14. Art student waiting patiently on #13.

I think I need a volunteer...


  1. This is all too familiar... but it looks like your standing on a chair with wheels! I hope not! Please be safe : )

  2. OMG, this is too funny! I have all of the same stuff on my desk and I am stoopid enuf to stand on my chair too! Okay, I don't have stuff to upload to Artsonia because I would have to sleep at school to find enough time to do that. But ditto everything else. :)

  3. Aah so I'm not the only one with a huge collection of pens/Sharpies/etc.

    Your desk looks a lot neater than mine. I've got a similar collection of 'stuff' but it's all piled on top of each other falling all over the place and looking like a fire hazard.

  4. Ha! That was great! I also have similar stuff as well as the 'special cup full of special tools/pens for teacher use only' that the students constantly come up to my desk to ask to borrow! Love the 'old fashioned gradebook' as well- I love mine!

  5. too funny! Same kind of stuff on my desk as well as my planbook, which by this time of the year is exploding with all the paperwork I have to keep in it!

  6. Oh my gosh- I laughed so hard reading this, because it is almost exactly like my desk! (except your piles are a little more organized than mine!!!)

  7. HAHAHa...yup, that's my desk too! So funny that we share the same over-collecting of sharpies and marker pens! I attached my desk to another table because of my pile-making!

  8. I got such a kick out of this. That photo so looks like my spaces at home and at school. I'm glad it is not just me!

    May I offer a suggestion about tissues? The teachers at my school have tissues out the ying yang. One of my pals tells me that she even stores some of them at home, she gets so many. Whenever I run out in my classroom, I post a request on our staff message board. Every time I do that, I get boxes and boxes...and some teachers even send the good ones...not just the ones from Dollar Tree.


  9. Good blog. My favourite art gallery is the Musee D'Orsay in Paris


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