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Wild Wild West- Cactus Collage

As promised, here is the lesson plan for our cactus collages from our Wild Wild West Unit. Materials: white tag (12" X 18"), white paper (9" X 12"), tempera paint in shades of green, paint brushes, tissue paper (the kind that bleeds) ripped into strips, spray water bottles (99 cents at Wal-Mart), pencil, scissors, Mod-Podge or thinned glue, foam brushes, brown paper towel (we used the ends of the rolls from our dispenser at school), iridescent paper for sun, black tempera, scraps of cardboard or mat board Encounter Day One: We began by painting the piece of white paper in shades of green. Be sure to have the students paint the paper horizontally and use the different shades of green to make a gradation in color from top to bottom. This paper will be used to make the cactus. Place these aside to dry. Next, we made the desert skies which will become the backdrop for our cactus. Use the spray bottle to wet the white tag and place strips of tis