Artist Visit- Steve Harpster

If you have not heard of Steve Harpster and his website Harptoons, you really need to be introduced!

He has created these amazing books for kids that use letters and numbers as the base for different cartoon drawings. We recently had him visit our school FOR FREE and share his talent with the kids. The kids could buy his books and our school received part of the profits from the sales. A great FREE assembly AND fundraiser? Perfect for those of us who teach art!! If you live relatively close to the Columbus, Ohio area, he will travel to your school for the day. I highly recommend looking in to it!

He projected his drawings on to the screen and drew them with the kids on his iPad.

He gave the kids a great background about himself and showed examples of his work. It is great for the kids to see an actual working artist.


The kids loved his graphic drawings, especially the monsters.

Totally engaged students.

The kids wanted their drawings on display for our art show.  


They are still drawing with Steve Harpster by watching his videos on YouTube.

Watch a video about Stever Harpster:

Follow Steve Harpster on Facebook.

Read His Blog (our school is on here!)

Follow him on Pinterest.

Thank you, Steve Harpster!!

** Disclaimer:  I am in no way affiliated with Harptoons.
 I simply think he is an awesome person who inspires many kids!


  1. love this! i was thinking this would be great to use for an end of the year filler activity. thanks for sharing!

  2. I just found your site while googling some of my images. Thanks so much for the wonderful review of my visit.


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