Spring Art Show

In years past (12 to be exact) we have held a K-12 Arts Festival (music, dance, and art) at our high school. This year, however, the middle & high school teachers decided to separate and do their own thing. So, the art show was held this year at our elementary school. Negatives: the parents didn't like having two separate nights, breaking tradition, lack of a large area for me to display artwork all together, new display boards had to be made. Positives: I didn't have to drag everything over to another building, air conditioning, the artwork stayed up longer than one night.

Well, I was hesitant to this change, but I have to say, it went fairly well! The parents were all very supportive and we had a great turnout. So, I am sharing the photos from our latest Arts Festival, with links to any lessons I have blogged about. Click on the photos to make larger. Enjoy!

Golden Gourds made by 3rd grade.

Pop Art Reduction Prints by 4th grade.

Metal Masks & Clay Faces made by 5th grade.

Crazy Quilts by 2nd grade & Musical Mandalas by 4th grade.

VanGogh Sunflowers by 1st grade.

Jim Dine Hearts by 1st Grade

 Clay Tiles by 4th grade, Circle Tree Sculptures by 3rd grade, 
Clay Birds by 2nd grade, Clay Owls by 1st grade.
These were all housed in the glass showcase, another positive because they were well protected.

Paul Klee Word Paintings by 4th grade

Sparkly Fall Tree Paintings by 2nd grade.

 Detailed Gel Pen Drawings of shells & leaves on the left by 5th grade
Patterned Leaves by 4th grade on the right.

Cupid's Weave made by Kinders

 Young Fives Projects, including Primary Lines, Winter Shape Collage

Winter Birch Tree Paintings by 4th grade

Coat Hanger Weaving by 5th grade & Patterned Names by 1st grade

 Fall Leaf Collage by Kinders

 More metal masks I put out in my art room.

Wild Things by 1st grade and Uncaged Quetzals by 3rd grade 

 These are the new display boards. They are made of fiberglass boards with wooden feet made by our custodian.

Halloween Scenes by 5th grade

Bookbags by 5th grade.

Abstract Names by 2nd grade.

If you want some tips on setting up an art show, check out this post.


  1. I love these ideas! Especially the Paul Klee paintings with words. Awesome Job!


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