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Hallway Decor

I forgot to post pictures of my hallway this year. In keeping with the pennant theme, I make these huge art supplies and hung the pennants from them. I don't think I can top last year's circle tree , but this will do!

My Art Room- The Latest Version

Warning! This post is photo heavy!! School has been back in session for a week and I am still adding decorations to my room. It is a work in progress, for sure! This year, I wanted to use pennants in my room to liven up the space. Here is a view of my room from the door. Each table is color coordinated, as before, but this year, I put the tissue poofs above the table rather than use the table signs . I didn't want to admit it, but those signs usually ended up being gross by the end of the year. I figured these will stay up and out of the way. Each table has a bucket and tub to keep their everyday supplies in: pencils, black permanent marker, erasers.  Here is a shot of my room from the rear, by the sinks. To make the pennants, I cut a bunch of triangle from various papers.  (I can't seem to get this photo to rotate, Hmmm...) Next, I ran a line of hot glue along the top of the flag and attached a ribbon. Keep go