My Art Room- The Latest Version

Warning! This post is photo heavy!!

School has been back in session for a week and I am still adding decorations to my room. It is a work in progress, for sure! This year, I wanted to use pennants in my room to liven up the space.

Here is a view of my room from the door.

Each table is color coordinated, as before, but this year, I put the tissue poofs above the table rather than use the table signs. I didn't want to admit it, but those signs usually ended up being gross by the end of the year. I figured these will stay up and out of the way.

Each table has a bucket and tub to keep their everyday supplies in: pencils, black permanent marker, erasers.

 Here is a shot of my room from the rear, by the sinks.

To make the pennants, I cut a bunch of triangle from various papers. 
(I can't seem to get this photo to rotate, Hmmm...)

Next, I ran a line of hot glue along the top of the flag and attached a ribbon.

Keep going until you reach your desired length, and Voila!

I added pennants with my name to the front of my desk. 
Some of the kids still can't remember my name, even though I have had them for years!

I even made a valance for my windows.

Next, I went crazy re-labeling everything. I am loving the rainbow effect I have going on this year.

Don't you hate it when this happens? Ugh!!!

Have I told you about my picture files? I have several photo references that are laminated and placed in these boxes by category.

For example, if they need a photo of an animal to reference for a drawing, they simply look in file #4. Where have I gotten my photos? Calendars, magazines, books- anywhere I can!

These are the boxes I keep the supplies in for each grade level project they are currently working on.

These are the folders that I keep the student's projects in. 

They are labeled, of course!

At the front of the room, I have my project charts, ART letters, and something new- a plate that the students have to sign out on when they leave the room.

I just bought a $1 melamine plate at Wally World and hot glued a ribbon at the top.

I also glued a pom-pom to the end of a white board marker for an eraser. They sign out when they leave and erase when they return. The art room can be very busy and I like to have that visual of who is out of the room at all times!

But, here is the dilemma- what to call the plate...

You may remember my project charts from last year. I thought they were too boring, so they got a makeover also. And, since you are such loyal followers, I have provided them as a PDF for you to print, There are two different sizes and also two different posters, organized by grade level. 

 Chart 1- 2 pages wide                       Chart 2- 2 pages wide
 Chart 1- 3 pages wide                       Chart 2- 3 pages wide

Simply print them out, glue onto a poster board, and laminate. You can write on them with a dry erase marker and erase them when you change projects!

Here are a few more scenes from my room.

Posters I have hanging up.

I saw this idea online and re-vamped it. Can't find the original file to share it, though. Sorry!!

Found this one at the blog Stay At Home Artist

And this one I found on Pinterest and re-typed it up myself. If I can find the original, I will give credit! I think you deserve a reward for making it this far. How about another printable?


Here is a bulletin board I created at the end of last year. I just revamped the birds from the Fly bulletin Board.  I am sure this will be changed soon!

 A few more shots.

 And, finally, a photo just to show how far I have come since August 1.

 Thank you for viewing my room. I love seeing other teachers' rooms, so if you have photos on your blog, please leave a comment with a link so I can see!!

Oh, by the way, I have added a printable for the Art Sandwich I discussed on the last post.

A gift to you for being so loyal!


  1. I did the pom poms hanging it's my 2nd year with them. I have to admit, I tried to make them myself and they were a NIGHTMARE! LOL I actually purchased mine in a bundle from Etsy! :) Only bad thing is I have to take them down the fire marshall comes (technically we aren't suppose to have anything hanging from the ceiling blah blah....) How did you attach your laminated signs to your cabinet? I find tape falls off, so I hot glue!? Seems to pull off over time just fine...Just curious what you do!

  2. I love the new look you have created. The new labels are so perfect.

    Any one should be able to get creative in your room! Way to go!

    As far as a name for the plate.... maybe Johnny plate, or Privy plate?

  3. I just posted a classroom tour on my blog... please check it out! I am going on my second year of teaching art and I LOVE YOUR BLOG! You have such wonderful ideas and you inspire me! Thank you! Here is my blog:

  4. I have found that Scotch brand masking tape holds up pretty well on many surfaces to hang things. I am not sure about the Fire Marshall, except that I was told that as long as the flammable part is at least 6 inches below the ceiling that I am ok. I held it up by fishing line, so hopefully that will pass! My principal said she loved it, so that seems promising.

  5. You are so kind to post all of these pictures! I am in the middle of setting up my room and your tips are great.

  6. Hi, Denise........I've posted a link to this post on my bulletin board blog. jan

  7. Geez! When do you sleep? That has got to be the most organized, colorful artroom I have ever seen! I love how HUGE it is and the entry way with the steps? Brilliant!Is it new construction? Those rolling clay carts that you have your tubs on are awesome(and expensive!) You are so fortunate to teach in a district with that kind of financial support for art programs. I LOVE the Potty plate but isn't it hung kinda high? Maybe the photo just made it look that way. How about calling it the Striper Wiper? It has stripes and has to be wiped clean like-Oh never mind.......:)

  8. I love the pennants. And I agree with Pat, a truly colorful and organized room!

  9. I used your monsters job idea from the past to create robot jobs in my room. I posted a link on my blog to yours.
    Thanks for the creative motivation!

  10. Wow- simply wow! Your classroom is so beautiful and ORGANIZED!!! I am major labeller too, but my labels are usually a piece of masking tape with a name scrawled on it! lol! Thanks for all the great ideas!

  11. Your room looks amazing!! I have recently put up some photos of my in-progress art room..

  12. Thanks for the art sandwich download. I'd been planning to make one of these myself, but it's nice to already have it completed.

  13. Thank you, these ideas got me through the first weeks of school!

  14. Just curious if you have the palette labels to share? I'm just setting up and that would save me SO much time!

  15. I love your ican statements. Can you share where you got the but border? Thanks

  16. Love your room! Where did you get your tables? I am looking for some like that.


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