12 Days of Christmas... Projects (Day 2)

Dancing Santas

Quick Overview
* Scrapbook suit
* Oval paper face
* Cotton ball beard
* Pom pom nose and "jingle" on top of the hat
* 2 black dots for eyes
* Tiny buttons on suit
* Snowflakes (paper punched) in sky
* This is a quick 1 or 2 day project.
* Made with 1st Grade

A few photos of the process:

I cheat- the patterns are drawn out and then photocopied to the back of scrapbook paper. 
Feel free to steal this pattern!

We use colorful patterned paper. 
We imagine that it is December 26th and Santa is verrry happy to dance around in his pajamas!

I set a bowl of pieces on each table- paper heads, small and large poms, and cotton balls.

Here's how all the pieces fit together. Let the kiddos arrange the arms and legs in their own way.

To attach the beard: 

Add a drop of glue on his chin.

Put a cotton ball on the glue dot.

Draw a line of glue on either side of the face.
Hold the cotton ball in place.

Gently pull the cotton ball out to frame Santa's face.

 Adding the details.


  1. SOOOOO cute! We just had pajama day today in my class and this would have been such a great activity to do! I'm definitely going to add it to my schedule for next year!

  2. These are beyond adorable. Thanks for permission to "steal". I plan to steal next week.

    rubberboots and elf shoes

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