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Let's Talk About Brushes...

As my students were finishing painting today, I realized that I have a pretty great idea (if I do say so myself) that I need to share with you. More on that in a bit. Here is my cabinet full of paint brushes. I remember doing some field work in a public school in Columbus, Ohio and I saw a bunch of brushes sitting dirty by the sink. I was mortified. As I proceeded to clean them, the teacher said to me, "Just wait until you have your own classroom. You'll see." At the time, I couldn't imagine leaving brushes unwashed, but I will admit that a brush or two (or a ton)  have sat on my counter a time or two. So, what is the secret to having kids clean their own brushes? I have had this sign posted on the brush cabinet for as long as I have been teaching (18 years!) and it barely gets looked at.  I do SAY these words, or a variation,  to the kids all the time and that seems to help. I have taught the kids to put a little soap in the palm of