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And what did YOU do this summer?

I've been absent for awhile- please forgive me! As are most of you, I am struggling with all of the changes in instruction that our state has made. Between writing SLOs (student learning objectives) and I CAN statements, working on Prom, and working my part time job at my parents' furniture store, something needed to go for awhile. Alas, it ended up being the blog, but I am hoping to be back full force very soon. I will be posting about SLOs and I CAN statements soon, but let's start with something FUN. Here are some photos from our Prom that was held in April. I think this qualifies as ART because we made soooo many of the decorations by hand. The theme was Wonderland and it turned out simply magical. Down the Rabbit Hole! Going through the rabbit hole. At the end was a Keyhole doorway. (No photos, darn!) We glued cupcake liners to lanterns to make these funky lights. Dance floor. A mom made these beautiful flo