And what did YOU do this summer?

I've been absent for awhile- please forgive me! As are most of you, I am struggling with all of the changes in instruction that our state has made. Between writing SLOs (student learning objectives) and I CAN statements, working on Prom, and working my part time job at my parents' furniture store, something needed to go for awhile. Alas, it ended up being the blog, but I am hoping to be back full force very soon.

I will be posting about SLOs and I CAN statements soon, but let's start with something FUN. Here are some photos from our Prom that was held in April. I think this qualifies as ART because we made soooo many of the decorations by hand. The theme was Wonderland and it turned out simply magical.

Down the Rabbit Hole!

Going through the rabbit hole. At the end was a Keyhole doorway. (No photos, darn!)

We glued cupcake liners to lanterns to make these funky lights.

Dance floor.

A mom made these beautiful flowers!

Candy buffet they filled their jars with.

Another mom made these Mad Hatter Hats 
that are larger than life.

 More photos of the dance floor. The kids painted that huge swirl on sheets of cardboard.

I made these flowers (Martha Stewart tutorial)

I hope you enjoyed the photos. I will post more photos of what has been keeping me busy this summer!


  1. The decorations look great! I'm so happy to see a post from you! Your blog is one of the first ones I started following a few years ago and inspired me to start up my own blog! I can totally relate to the lack of time because of all the new regulations in education! I had to make two SLO's for this coming school year(student goal objectives) that will be sent to the state dept. of ed and the results will be reflected in my annual evaluation. I am now working on my pre -assessments for them for September. This year is going to prove challenging with everything that is going on! Organization and a positive attitude I think is going to be key to my sanity! Good luck with all you have to do also and i hope you have a good start to your school year! Look forward to more posts when you have time! :)

  2. How did you make the small, multi-colored letters on the door to your room (the "please excuse our mess" quote)? I'm a Music teacher, so my quote will be different, but I'm definitely stealing the idea -- and the dots tree!!! (mine will have composers' faces!)

    The Wonderland prom theme turned out AMAZING!!!!! WOW!! I might not be an artist, but I've done enough elaborate concerts that I know how much work all of that decorating takes... but that was seriously amazing! Glad I found your blog!

  3. Hi, Heather!
    Thank you for your kind words. I got those letters through a company (Can't remember which one), But here are the same exact ones from this company:
    I am glad you found my blog too!

  4. Thank you!! The ones in the link were out of stock, but I found the same ones (for the same price) on Yay!! My door quote (under the sign that says "Music room") will be, "A magical place where kids SING IN TUNE and PLAY ON THE BEAT and stuff." ha!

    Now to start cutting circles for my dot tree... oh boy...

  5. Oh my gosh! This would have been so much fun to experience!

  6. Dot tree done, fun colored letters arrived today!! Thanks again! One question... did you laminate your letters? Just wondering if they've held up on your door if you didn't (as I'd love to NOT take the time to do it!)

  7. No laminating and they have held up great for two plus years now!


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