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Art is NOT Cat Throw Up!

You will understand the title by the end of this post, I promise!   I like to change up my hallway displays each year. Maybe I will bring back a version of the circle tree next year. We'll see!   This is one of the showcases we have near our cafeteria. It is designated for me to display student work, but we usually don't have anything ready for the first few months of school, so I decided to decorate it. I was inspired by another art teacher's showcase , which I found on Pinterest.   The backdrop is made of 4 plastic tablecloths bought at Wal-Mart for a dollar each. The music teacher also added some items so that it became an "Arts" showcase.     I added the bird (one of my signature birds- see the painting below) on the outside of the showcase.   Quotes about the arts complete the design. These are the poms that were above my tables last year and some cupcake liner covered lanterns leftover from Prom.    

My Art Room-The Latest Version, 2013

I am finally getting around to posting photos of my art room this year. I try to change things up each year, just to keep it fresh. You can view last year's version here . Gone are the pennants and tissue poms above the tables. The fire marshall put an end to those. However, I think this year's version turned out just fine, thanks largely in part to the bright table coverings.  This display is to the right when you first walk in to the art room. We have to display our student objectives or "I Can" statements, which are based on the Ohio state fine art standards. The I CANs are held up using Stikki-Clips  and are easily changed. I may be blogging about the I CANs specifically soon, so keep an eye out for those.   Below the I CANs are the art project charts that I use to show the art projects we have worked on, are currently working on, and will work on next. The kids have stopped asking me what we are doing every time they enter the room! You ca

Summer Honors Academy- Lots of Lesson Ideas!

    I was aked once again to teach Honors Academy this summer for one week. The Academy consists of students who have been nominated by their teachers to attend. They are then given several choices of classes to take for the week. My class was entitled "Fearless Art" and I had about 15 students. Here are some of the projects we created during that week. Gel Glue Batik (as seen above) Materials: * Cotton cloth (we used bandanas that are sold in packs of 10 from Wal-Mart), but t-shirts would work also. * Elmer's blue gel glue- MUST be gel glue or it won't rinse out * pencil * acrylic paints * paint brushes Step 1: Draw a design on the bandana using pencil. This will wash out later, so don't worry about leaving lines. Add patterns to any wide open spaces to make it more interesting. Step 2: Trace over all pencil lines using the gel glue. Allow to completely dry.     Step 3: Paint the entire piece of cloth, covering right