Art is NOT Cat Throw Up!

You will understand the title by the end of this post, I promise!
I like to change up my hallway displays each year. Maybe I will bring back a version of the circle tree next year. We'll see!
This is one of the showcases we have near our cafeteria. It is designated for me to display student work, but we usually don't have anything ready for the first few months of school, so I decided to decorate it. I was inspired by another art teacher's showcase, which I found on Pinterest.

The backdrop is made of 4 plastic tablecloths bought at Wal-Mart for a dollar each.

The music teacher also added some items so that it became an "Arts" showcase.

I added the bird (one of my signature birds- see the painting below) on the outside of the showcase.

Quotes about the arts complete the design.

These are the poms that were above my tables last year and some cupcake liner covered lanterns leftover from Prom.


I am sharing one of my paintings so you can see my signature bird.

The display is in the hallway outside my art room. I reuse the letters each year. The circles are recycled from the Kandinsky-esque tree I had on display a few years ago.

On the other wall outside my art room is this display. The first photo shows how it looked on the first day of school. I added the words "Art Is" and "Art Is Not" and had the kids complete the sentences on a piece of paper and hang them. I have seen this idea all over Pinterest- not sure where it originated!

 This is what it looked like at the end of the week with over 500 students' ideas added.

A closer view.

Some of my favorite thoughts from the kids.

Last, but not least... Art is NOT cat throw up. Ah, yes. There it is.


  1. Oh I love it! I see you have a long hallway too! Great use of the space! :)

  2. Laughed out loud! No, cat throw up is not art, but I'm sure there is an artist somewhere who would try! :)

  3. Oh thank you for sharing! I wanted to do something like this but kind of forgot (never too late!). I fill our display cases like this as well--but yours is so pretty and sparkly. I need to add more sparkle. Have a great weekend!


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